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Weather forecasts, September 2022


Read the weather forecast for September 2022 in Naples! Here is the information you need to know about the weather in Naples in September.

Are you about to spend a few days in Naples in September? Getting to know the main info about the weather information will help you understand whether to plan outdoor or indoor activities. September is one of the ideal months to visit Naples, the climate is perfect for enjoying journeys to the fullest!

Here is what the weather will be like in September 2022 according to the weather forecast in Naples.


Naples weather, September 2022

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What’s the weather like in Naples in September 2022? What is the weather forecast in Naples next?

The climate in September is ideal for sightseeing. The days are finally cooler and it is pleasant to stroll through the historic city center. Taking trips out of town becomes, even more, a pleasure. Choosing the beach does not necessarily mean experiencing unsustainable hot days. Summer evenings are finally cooler and pleasant.

The weather forecast for September 2022 in Naples does not foresee many rainy days. During the whole month, it should rain only for 6 days. Better than during the month of August, when rainy days are always very few.

Usually, the average temperature in September in Naples is around 71 F degrees. The maximum temperature is 82 degrees, and the minimum is 71. There may be some peaks. During the past few years, there have been days in September in which there was a temperature peak of 94 F degrees.

The sun rises at a quarter to six and sets at 6.15 pm.

What’s the weather like in Naples in September 2022? In September 2022 the weather for Naples does not differ from what much reported. Temperatures will finally drop down!


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