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The Hand of God exhibition


Are you into the famous film The hand of God? Don’t miss the chance to visit this exhibition about this movie.

The hand of God is the title of the latest film by Paolo Sorrentino about Naples. The Archaeological Museum of Naples, a.k.a. MANN, offers the opportunity to rediscover the film and the city through 50 images.

Here are all the details of the exhibition dedicated to the images from the film The hand of God by Paolo Sorrentino.

You can see the 51 shots by Gianni Fiorito dedicated to Naples until 5 September 2022 at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.


The hand of God at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples

The hand of God is the title of the famous film by Paolo Sorrentino. The exhibition is an opportunity to observe images of the city between past and present, memory and contemporaneity.

e-stata-la-mano-di-dio-mannIt is not the first time that Paolo Sorrentino’s films give life to a certain narrative of the city. Already a few years ago, at the Royal Palace, there was an exhibition dedicated to The Young Pope. This exhibition is way better since it has a lot more to do with the culture and the story of Napoli.

An important aspect of the exhibition is the thematic reading of the images conceived by Fiorito. San Gennaro, Naples in the 1980s, family, passion, the pursuit of happiness, cinema, and perseverance represent the itinerary to follow to discover a world halfway between memory and contemporaneity.


The hand of God, useful info

You can visit The hand of God exhibition until 5 September 2022 at the MANN.
The National Archaeological Museum of Naples is in Piazza Museo 19. The opening hours are from 9 to 7 pm. The weekly closing day is Tuesday. For more information, visit the official website http://mann-napoli.it.


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