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What’s the weather like in Naples, February 2022


If you’re planning a weekend trip to the city in February, take a look at what will be the weather like in Naples!

Although February is one of the coldest months to visit Naples, you won’t suffer it! The weather is usually good in Naples. That is because the city is protected by the mountains and the Gulf from the harsh climate. What’s more, for next February 2022, the weather forecasts in Naples predict mostly sunny days.

Here are the weather forecasts for February 2022 in Naples, and all the info you need about what’s the weather like in Naples.

weather forecasts naples february 2022

What’s the weather like in Naples in February

Here are weather forecasts for February 2022 in Naples

In February 2022, the average temperature in Naples will be about 10 Celsius degrees (50 F°). In fact, the minimum temperature will be 9 degrees (48 Fç), the maximum is about 13 degrees (55 F°). Comparing these forecasts to the ones of January, temperatures will be rising, but we recommend taking a warm jacket with you anyway. Exploring Naples during this time of the year gives you the chance to enjoy warm days even if we are in winter. The daylight hours increase to 10 per day.

If you’re looking for information on what the weather will be like in Naples in February 2022 to pack the perfect suitcase, take an umbrella with you. Even if according to weather forecasts it will rain only on 9 days.
You may have rainy weather on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 13th, 16th, 22nd of February.


Weather forecasts February 2022

For February 2022, the weather forecasts match the information on average temperatures. The temperature range is 10 and 13 Celsius degrees, i.e. 48-55 F°. At the end of the month, as spring approaches, temperatures will rise.


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