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What’s the weather like in Naples? January 2023


A new year has begun! Here’s what the weather will be like in Naples during the first month of the new year.

What is the weather forecast for Naples in January 2023? What is the weather like in Naples?
If you are going to spend some time in Naples, a week or a weekend, it can be helpful to know if it will rain or not. Weather forecasts allow you to prepare the perfect luggage!

Although it is cold in January in Naples, the city’s climate is always generally mild. That’s why many people choose to visit Naples in Winter as well. The mountains surrounding the gulf act as a barrier to the coldest temperatures.

naples winterWhat is the weather like in Naples in January 2023?

The temperature in Naples in January is usually around 50 F° degrees. In considering what clothing is best suited to such temperatures, we must consider that even during the winter months many of the things to see in Naples are outside. Even if the minimum temperature in January in Naples is 40-42 F° degrees, the cold does not prevent locals and travelers from strolling along the streets of the historic center and in the shopping streets. In case of cold days, the huge museums of the city are perfect for continuing to admire the beauties of the city without suffering from the cold.

As for rainy days, in January in Naples, it rains about ten days a month. It could therefore happen that there is a storm even during a short stay in Naples. You certainly need to pack an umbrella!

Weather Naples January 2023

As for the weather forecast for January 2023, temperatures will be average. During the day the temperature will be around 50 F° degrees while it will drop a few degrees in the morning and late in the evening. Daylight hours will begin to increase gradually.

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