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Christmas 2022 in Naples


What to do in Naples at Christmas? Here are the activities not to be missed to experience the Christmas atmosphere with the passion of the Neapolitan people.

Here are the strongest traditions that will also be maintained for this Christmas 2022 in Naples.

Christmas 2022 in Naples, traditional events

The crib is one of the oldest traditions of the Neapolitans. It is so ingrained that many of them work there throughout the year. It becomes especially evident in the so-called Cribs street, San Gregorio Armeno. Here it is possible to buy or simply admire the shepherds and cribs created by the artisans of Naples. Many are real works of art!


roccoco napoliEven Christmas 2022 is the perfect time to taste the delicacies of the city. Among these, Christmas sweets certainly stand out. Roccocò, mustaccioli and struffoli are the must. Then there is the Neapolitan pastiera. Although the latter is a dessert traditionally prepared at Easter, it is now easy to taste it at all times of the year.

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casina vanvitelliana xmas lights 2022Throughout the month of December, the city changes its look in view of the Christmas holidays. Walking in Naples in December means admiring the Christmas lights and attending events designed to celebrate this holiday. Among the neighborhoods in which to stroll, we recommend the most folkloristic. From the Spanish districts to the Sanità. Don’t skip the historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


xmas in naplesOn the night of December 23, the traditional fish market is held in Naples. Throughout the night, the smell of fresh fish is present in many streets of the city. Even if Christmas Eve and Christmas shopping is already done, attending the fish market is yet another opportunity to feel the Christmas atmosphere. The oldest market is in Porta Nolana, one of the great Gates of the city.


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