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Why Neapolitan coffee taste so good?


Discover what makes Neapolitan coffee unique in the world!

Did you know that there isn’t just one type of coffee in Italy? In Naples even coffee is unique!

Blend, roasting, preparation, and way of consumption make this beverage known worldwide as a local experience.

Besides having royal origins (coffee was introduced in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies by Maria Carolina of Hapsburg, wife of Ferdinand of Bourbon), in Naples coffee is among the most profitable beverages. The city is first in Italy for coffee consumption and for the number of coffee bars per square kilometer!

But what makes Neapolitan coffee so special? And above all, is it so different from the Italian one? Here are the characteristics to pay attention to.

neapolitan coffee

Neapolitan coffee: a special one?

Here are the characteristics that make Neapolitan coffee different from Italian coffee.

  • The ingredients
    The first element that makes Neapolitan coffee unique is the ingredients. On the one hand, the coffee of Neapolitan roasters is characterized by a strong and decisive taste due to the prolonged roasting of the beans; on the other hand, the local water, coming from the Serino springs, contributes to the taste of Neapolitan coffee for its organoleptic characteristics.


  • How coffee is served and consumed 
    Neapolitan coffee should be consumed strictly in a hot and boiling porcelain cup, in order to make the moment more stimulating. Before drinking coffee, however, it is necessary to have a sip of water to clean the mouth. Unlike in northern cities, in Naples coffee is automatically served with a glass of water.
    Moreover, Neapolitan baristas are among the most appreciated ones because they learned their trade from Bourbon coffee masters. In Naples, there is a real Neapolitan school of coffee which hands down the secrets of the trade from generation to generation.

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