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Weather forecasts February 2023, Naples


The city is preparing to celebrate the carnival with parades and special events. But what will the weather be like in Naples in February 2023?

The weather forecast for February 2023 in Naples can be useful for understanding what to put in your luggage before coming to the city for a weekend or for a week.

According to statistics, February is among the coldest months in Naples. Despite this, it is very rare to suffer from the cold in Naples. Its mild climate has made it known throughout the world as O Paese d’O Sole (i.e. The city of the sun)! Even during the month of February 2023, the city will not belie its reputation. The weather predicts mostly sunny weather. Here is the weather forecast in Naples for February 2023 reports.

weather forecasts naples february 2022What is the weather like in Naples in February 2023

The temperature in February in Naples will be around 50 F°. The minimum temperature in February 2023 will be 50 degrees and the maximum 70 F°. Even if it is cold in February, there are some particularly sunny days with a climate that seems to anticipate spring. Daylight hours are also increasing. From 9 hours in January, the sun shines on the city for 10 hours.

Even if in February the climate gradually gets better, always take a pocket umbrella with you so as not to be surprised by short sudden thunderstorms.

Naples, weather forecasts February 2023

In February 2023 the weather forecasts report temperatures ranging between 50 and 70 F°. Although no particularly significant meteorological phenomena are expected, this month will be warmer than February 2022. As for rainy days, in February 2023 there will be 7 rainy days concentrated at the beginning of the month and around the 10th and 21.


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