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Why visit the Conservatory in Naples


Why visit the museum inside the Naples Conservatory? Here’s what the visible collection includes with free admission.

Among the monuments with free admission to visit Naples is a very special place for those who love music. In the heart of the historic center of Naples, it is possible to visit the Royal Conservatory of Music of San Pietro a Majella.

What to see at the Conservatory in Naples

conservatorio san pietro a majellaCrossing the atrium of the conservatory you reach a cloister with a statue of Beethoven in the center. Crossing the cloister with palm trees you arrive at Sala Scarlatti which is often the venue for conventions, conferences, seminars, and concerts.

You can also go to the conservatory for other reasons that do not include listening to music. For example, not everyone knows that in the rooms of the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory of Naples, there is also an important museum. The collection of the conservatory museum brings together many ancient and modern musical instruments. Among these, bows from the Neapolitan school of lutherie stand out, as well as wind instruments, and plectrums. At the museum, you can also see Stradivari’s harpette, the harpsichord of Catherine II of Russia, and the pianos of Thalberg and Mercadante.

In addition to the collection of musical instruments, the conservatory also houses a gallery of portraits of important Neapolitan composers who have contributed to the history of this institution. Finally, at the Conservatory there is also a library in which there are manuscripts and rare prints. Unfortunately, the library is not open to the public.

Admission to the conservatory rooms is free. The Naples Conservatory is in Via San Pietro a Majella 35. From Piazza Garibaldi, take the underground (line 1) and get off at Piazza Dante.


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