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A special place to be in Naples


Which free monuments can you visit in the historic center of Naples? Here is a special monument with a very special atmosphere you can’t miss visiting.

Naples is full of monuments to visit for free. In addition to the 500 churches that you can enter for free, there are also some civil buildings that are must-sees as well. Among all of them, I suggest visiting the national library. Here’s why.

library napoliVisit the National Library of Naples

The National Library of Naples is one of the attractions less visited by casual travellers. While everyone focuses on the most popular attractions, just few know that the National Library is an access point to the history of the city and its beauties as well.

The library, dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele III, is located in an area belonging to the Royal Palace of Napoli in Piazza Plebiscito which is another monument whose visit is strongly recommended as well.

Inside the National Library of Naples there are 1480747 printed volumes, 319187 brochures and 18,415 manuscripts. It is no coincidence that this is the third library largest in all of Italy!

What makes the Naples library special is the magnificence of its interior. Every room is richly decorated with frescoes and ornaments that give more prominence to the walnut shelving.

As already mentioned, the entrance to this monument of Naples is free. To access, however, you must show a valid identity document.

Whether you go for leisure or because you need to, it is very important to observe strict silence inside the library. That is because there are many people who go there every day to study or work. The national library is also the place where many Neapolitans go to seek some peace without giving up staying in the heart of the city.

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