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Time: why Naples is worth visiting?


Naples returns in the titles of the most famous newspapers in the world because it’s extraordinarily beautiful!

The famous American magazine “Time” has decided to dedicate a column to places in the world to travel to. Among these, Naples stands out. Journalist Charlotte Maiorana found it her duty to report to her readers the strong emotions she experienced in Naples. It seems that the city breathes an energetic, volcanic air. In addition to the Neapolitan atmosphere that makes a stay in the city special, the Time journalist takes the opportunity to underline which other unmissable experiences it is possible to have while exploring Naples.

ny times naplesTime, why visit Naples

Why does Time pay attention to Naples? It seems that Naples undoubtedly remains one of the places to visit during this year 2023. The city lends itself to travel for those who want to breathe in some energy. To welcome travelers from all over the world, the journalist explains, there are clean and richly decorated alleys.

Also, it’s impossible not to underline the breathtaking views that can be enjoyed from almost anywhere in the city. Once in Naples, one is enchanted by Vesuvius which watches over the city and is reflected in the sea. Yet another reason that makes Naples the city to explore asap is its proximity to other wonderful and fascinating places. Also on Time, it was announced that Naples is the perfect place to book a stay to enjoy trips outside the city in the archaeological parks of Pompeii and Herculaneum, whose importance is recognized throughout the world and in the most suggestive places of the Sorrento peninsula.

Even in America, Neapolitan cuisine makes headlines: among the reasons to be even more enticed to visit Naples is the notoriety of the quality of traditional cuisine.

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