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How to Celebrate Carnival 2023, Campania Region


Look at how Carnival 2023 will be celebrated in different places in Campania.

Like every region, Campania is no exception for every holiday. Carnival 2023 will be the right moment to relive traditions cemented over the centuries. Many of these are celebrated around the kitchen table! Celebrating Carnival 2023 in Campania means having the opportunity to taste Carnival dishes. Lasagna, chops and chiacchiere sweets certainly cannot be missing from lunches on Shrove Thursday and of the Sunday of the Carnival weekend.

Carnival in Naples and Campania is not celebrated just in the kitchen. Many events take place in the city’s streets, including folk dances and parades.

Here are the places to go in Campania for an unforgettable 2023 carnival!

Carnival 2023, parties in Campania

How is Carnival celebrated in Campania? Making this party last as long as possible. The Palmese Carnival, for example, is a big party with concerts and parades that lasts for 3 days.

The Carnival of Montemarano is about the Dead. The carriages do not parade joyfully but are in mourning precisely for the end of the festivity. On that occasion, it is still possible to watch a traditional tarantella typical of the tradition of Montemarano and the specific period of the year.

On the Amalfi Coast, there is the Carnival of Maiori celebration. It is one of the funniest and most characteristic traditional events of the Amalfi coast. Carnival 2023 will once again be the occasion for a week of celebration in which there will be food events and demonstrations for an audience of all ages.

Among the celebrations of Carnival 2023 in Campania on the sea, that of Agropoli also stands out. Papier-mâché masters work all year round to give life to the most beautiful wagon. In Agropoli, the carnival is celebrated both in winter and during the summer.

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