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Ischia free thermal baths


Did you know that in Ischia you can go take thermal baths for free? Here’s where to go to take a swim in the thermal waters for free.

The island of Ischia is one of the favorite destinations for those who want to dedicate themselves to total relaxation on vacation. In fact, on the island, there are many facilities that offer the possibility of accessing thermal parks with many pools with different temperatures.

Usually, the cost of entry to the spas on Ischia is around 30 euros for the whole day. You can pay less by going in the afternoon. Not everyone knows that it is possible to enjoy the thermal baths of Ischia even without having to go to a wellness center or a hotel with access to thermal baths!

Here’s where to take thermal baths for free in Ischia.

Free thermal baths in Ischia

Ischia is famous all over the world for its thermal waters. The island is so rich in volcanic water that in some places it flows naturally from the subsoil. For this reason, there are several free admission spas in Ischia.

ischia thermal baths

  • Sorgeto
    The thermal baths Sorgeto are the most famous baths in Ischia. In Sorgeto the currents cause the pools of water to have a temperature that can vary from 30 to 37 degrees.
    To go to the thermal baths of Sorgeto you have to go to the Panza and take the stairs of 250 steps.


  • The Fumaroles
    Following the southern coast of Ischia, you will find the fumaroles. This name literally indicates the hot steam vents that are felt in some parts of the beach. Many people love to lay down in the warm, naturally therapeutic sand.
    The fumaroles are located near the Maronti beach, near Sant’Angelo. To reach this point of the island, we suggest you take the path that starts between Maronti and Sant’Angelo. It’s a 10-minute walk!

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