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Napoli Gaiola, legends and info


Find out why the Submerged park of the Gaiola island in Napoli is famous all over the world. Read the legend about the island, and find out how to go there.

The Submerged park of Gaiola is the name of the marine protected area that extends from the Borgo di Marechiaro to the Bay of Trentaremi in Napoli.

The Gaiola island is very close to the Neapolitan coast. You can visit this site of UNESCO Heritage by going to Posillipo in Napoli. But there’s more than the beauty of the Neapolitan landscape. The Gaiola is also famous because it is the set of one of the legends that make a Neapolitan culture so special.

The legend of the Gaiola island

Besides being the possibility of being on one of the most beautiful beaches in Napoli, Gaiola island is famous for its legend.
The legend of the Gaiola island is about a story of a hermit, also known as a magician and sorcerer, who settled there in the 19th century. The reason why people think that this island is cursed is due to the premature death of every inhabitant of the Gaiola.

The legend about the murders started when the owner of this land, Hans Braun, died. His wife also died shortly after him by drowning. Something similar happened to the sequent owner of the island and so on.

For superstition, the place is currently uninhabited and without an owner. The Gaiola is now a property of the Campania Region.


How to go to the Gaiola island

To get to Gaiola island you need to take a bus to the Virgiliano Park stop. From there, you can take the stairs that lead to the bank where you can take a ferry that takes you to the protected area. It is strongly recommended to make a reservation! Read more here


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