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The Neapolitan horn


The Neapolitan horn today is one of the most popular and loved amulets by the Neapolitan people, as well as one of the objects more often offered as presents, representing the symbol of life keeping away malignant influences.

Naples gathers and multiplies all the superstitions of the world, as the writer Matilde Serao said.

The superstition is the irrational belief that future events can be affected by particular behaviors and objects. When a person is believed to have a negative influence just looking at you, this is called an evil eye. Over the centuries various amulets have been used in Naples against negative energies: the horn, the horseshoe, the wreath of garlic, salt and pepper and others. Definitely the horn is the most popular and representative lucky charm.  It has always been an integral part of Neapolitan culture and traditions that can be easily found in the homes of the Neapolitans.

The origin of the horn dates back to the Neolithic age, when the inhabitants of the huts used to hang the animal horns on the door as a symbol of fertility, which was associated with luck. Later in the ancient Egypt it was a vote offered to the goddess Isis to assist animals in procreation and during the Renaissance it had to be red and handmade to bring luck. Also according to the Neapolitan superstition the horn must be red, hard, twisted and…broken! Furthermore it must be handmade to acquire beneficial power out of the hands of those who have produced and presented it.


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