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A unique experience not to be missed if you visit Naples is shopping in one of its 60 markets often crowded, usually chaotic and always animated, occupying some areas of this city. If you are curious and have an eye for business, you only have to decide which market to start with to discover one of the thousand facets of this incredible city.

Naples is famous for these colourful markets, where you can buy a huge number of items, always at really convenient prices. You can find food, or fruit and vegetables, clothes or shoes but also linen, fabrics, books, lamps, cushions, toys, pieces of furniture and antiquities. It’s really unbelievable! You could never enter shops, just patronize markets! Some of them are daily as Antignano and Fuorigrotta, or weekly as Posillipo or monthly as Villa Comunale. One of the largest is Poggioreale on the eastern side, an open-air market, often referred to as Shoe Alley for the abundance of shoes. If you are a shoe fanatic, you can’t miss it! So, you’ll just have to decide what you need and surely there will be the right market for you.

Of course you might wish to enjoy seafood in Naples, in this case Porta Nolana is the place for you. But in Naples, apart from markets, you often find stalls along the main streets with bags, jewels, glasses, mobile covers etc. Your days will always be busy and exciting for the excellent bargains you  may strike…perhaps while strolling and enjoying a pizza just taken out of the oven and sold to the passers by!


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