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Feasts in Napoli, celebrations to participate


Besides the first day of the year, May Day, All Saints’ Day, and Xmas, in Napoli there are so many other celebrations you can participate to know the Neapolitan culture at its best.

Traditional feasts in Napoli

  • Easter Week
    From the Thursday before Easter Sunday to the Tuesday after Easter, there are lots of processions in various locations. In Napoli, you can admire many processions and events about Easter celebrations in many streets.


  • Culture’s week (Settimana della cultura)
    The first week of April is usually dedicated to celebrating culture. During that week, many museums are free, and they are open till late!


  • April 25th, Festa della Liberazione
    This festivity is about celebrating the day when the Italian Resistance chased Nazis out of Italy.


  • May, a month to celebrate monuments
    During the month of May, you can join many events and access for free to many museums and exhibitions. That is because, in many places in Italy, May is the month dedicated to being more aware of all the wonders that surround us.


  • Napoli Teatro Festival italia
    Napoli Teatro Festival Italia is an important festival held in many places in the city. From June to September, many artists from all over the world perform in Napoli. Ticket costs vary on the event.


  • Santa Maria del Carmine
    On July 16, in Piazza del Carmine 2, there is a celebration with fireworks next to the church Santa Maria del Carmine.


  • Assumption of Mary
    As in any other part of the world, Napoli celebrates the catholic festivity of the Assumption of Mary on August 15. Besides the masses, you can see many processions for this occasion as well.


  • Feast of San Gennaro
    On September 19, the Neapolitan People celebrate the saint who protects the city, San Gennaro. The huge celebrations take place at the Duomo, the Cathedral of Napoli.

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