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The best beach in Campania in 2022


Read the list of the beaches to go to in Naples and Campania. Here is the list of beaches worthy of the Bandiera blu flag, updated to 2022!

The Bandiera Blu (i.e. Blue Flag) is an award given by the Fee, Foundation for Environmental Education. It is an award that certifies the quality of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches. The Bandiera Blu was established 36 editions ago, recognizing the most deserving beaches for some characteristics such as waste management, sustainable tourism, and enhancement of natural areas. This year, 18 beaches in Campania boast the Bandiera Blu.

Last year there were 17 beaches in Campania with the Bandiera Blu flag. This year, the beach of Ispani was also added. The beaches of San Mauro Cilento and Sapri are not present this year.

Where to go to the beach in Naples

In Naples, it is always the time to go to the beach. Whether it’s summer or not, there are some beaches not to be missed. Among the most significant are those of Marechiaro, Gaiola, and Trentaremi.


Bandiera Blu, beaches to go to

bandiera bluWould you like to be sure of spending a day on a beach that is fantastic and clean? You can now consult the list of the beaches with the Bandiera Blu flag. Most of them can also be reached by public transport, but the best means of transport to go to these places is the car.

Here are the beaches with the Bandiera Blu Flag 2022 in Campania:

  • Vico Equense
  • Piano di Sorrento
  • Sorrento
  • Massa Lubrense
  • Anacapri – scopri come andare a Capri da Napoli
  • Positano
  • Capaccio
  • Agropoli
  • Castellabate
  • Montecorice
  • Pollica
  • Casal Velino
  • Ascea
  • Ispani
  • Pisciotta
  • Centola
  • Camerota
  • Vibonati



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