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The most beautiful Christmas lights in Naples


Christmas 2022 has just come to Naples! The Christmas atmosphere is already present in many places in the city. Here is a place not to be missed to feel Christmas at its finest.

The Casina Vanvitelliana is one of the most beautiful monuments in the neighborhoods of Naples. Surrounded by greenery, this attraction has acquired a new look for December 2022.

The Casina Vanvitelliana is one of the places to rediscover the atmosphere and the magic of Christmas in Naples. The building is inside the park on Lake Fusaro. During this time of the year, there are many Christmas lights which, together with a giant Santa Claus, make this place even more magical.

The Christmas lights have already been set up in Bacoli. The Casina Vanvitelliana is no exception. Even if the sun almost always shines in Naples, it is possible to see snowmen, sleds, Santa Claus, and Christmas carriages that make you live a white Christmas.

The Christmas lights at the Casina Vanvitelliana

casina vanvitelliana xmas lights 2022The lights for Christmas 2022 are one of the most famous attractions in Campania. The famous Luci d’Artista in Salerno is only part of a phenomenon that increasingly affects the whole region.

In addition to being able to admire the 2022 Christmas lights, the Casina Vanvitelliana also has a wooden bridge to cross. This is the bridge that leads to the quarantine Vanvitelliano Park. An experience that amazes every visitor!

Another interesting aspect of this initiative is that it is an event that, while including many lights, is energy-saving.

To get here it is advisable to use the car or take the Cumana. The Cumana is a local train from Naples that allows you to quickly reach the Flegrea area and Pozzuoli. To reach the Casina Vanvitelliana with the Cumana, take the Montesanto-Torregaveta line and get off at the “Fusaro” stop.

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