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Tickets for transports in Naples


Buying a ticket for public transport in Naples is easy. Just go to one of the ticket offices located in almost all stations or to one of the many authorized ticket resellers. What can be complex is understanding which type of ticket to buy. In Naples, there are 3 transport companies.

The ANM is the municipal one. The EAV is a Campania company responsible for both internal and external transport from/to Naples. The third one is Trenitalia. Trenitalia is a national company that covers both internal and external trips to the city of Naples. Tickets for public transport are divided precisely by companies. Each is valid only for one of these three types of transport. The only ticket that allows you to take 2 means of transport from different companies is the TIC one. With the TIC ticket, it is possible to get on ANM, EAV, and Trenitalia transports.

Where to buy the ticket for transport in Naples

napoli metroIn addition to being able to purchase tickets at ticket offices and newsstands, it is also possible to obtain a ticket at the Unico Campania points. Furthermore, those who have not had the opportunity to buy the ticket before going to the station or to the bus, funicular, or tram stop, can buy the ticket online. Through the Unico Campania app or by sending a text message to 4868680. Once you have purchased your ticket online, you have to follow a different procedure. In fact, at the entrance and exit, the ticket must be marked at the TapIn and TapOut points. The cost of the ticket varies according to the distance traveled.

By purchasing an ANM ticket you can access the subway, trams, buses, and funiculars. The ANM also manages the transport from the central station and the port of Naples to the Naples Capodichino airport.

The ticket is valid for a single journey. The single ticket costs € 1.20.

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