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Weather forecasts, December 2022


What’s the weather like in Naples in December 2022? Here is the weather forecast in Naples for the next month. What will the weather be like at Christmas?

Visiting Naples in December is one of the most original ideas to spend an unforgettable weekend. In fact, many have chosen Naples to spend the long weekend of 8 December or the Christmas holidays.

The weather in December 2022 reflects the climate of the city, which is usually very nice. It is no coincidence that Naples is known for being ‘O country of the sun! Its wonderful climate makes it the ideal destination to spend the Christmas period. In fact, even if we are in the middle of winter, in Naples the climate is very pleasant even in the coldest months. The reason is to be found in its geographical characteristics. The city is protected from the cold thanks to the mountains that surround the Gulf.

The cool climate also allows you to organize trips outside the city without suffering the sultry heat of summer. The colder months are perfect for visiting the huge and fascinating archaeological sites just a few kilometers from the city.

Weather forecast Naples, December 2022

napoli weatherDuring the month of December 2022, the weather forecast in Naples gives a lot of information about temperatures. In fact, even if the weather will be mostly sunny, there will be a drop in temperatures. The minimum temperature for the month of Christmas is 48 degrees. The maximum temperature will be 57 degrees.

According to forecasts, the rainy days in December 2022 in Naples will be very few. In fact, during the whole of December, there will be only 8 days of rain. For this reason, we also recommend that you always carry a small umbrella with you. Better not get caught unprepared!


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