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Weather forecasts November 2022


What is the weather like in Naples in November 2022? Here is the weather forecast in Naples for the next few days and for the whole month.

Visiting Naples in the autumn months is one of the best ideas. In November it still rarely rains in Naples. Indeed, it is not difficult for some days to have such a beautiful climate that you can go to sea without suffering from the cold. Even during the hottest days, the heat of summer is now a distant memory. For this reason, it is advisable to pack everything you need to dress in layers. Although the weather in November is usually very nice, it is not impossible that the rain will suddenly arrive.

In autumn Naples is the perfect destination for those who love to indulge in a few trips out of town. In fact, the climate is favorable for visiting archaeological sites, even the largest ones. Pompeii, Herculaneum, Torre Annunziata, and Baia are just some places to see some of the most beautiful archaeological sites.

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What’s the weather like in Napoli, November 2022

napoli weather januaryAlthough this is an atypical month of November as it is very hot, in November 2022 the temperatures will drop slightly. In fact, the minimum temperature is around 55 degrees. The maximum temperature this November 2022 in Naples should be 64 degrees. Although autumn is now pressing on, according to the weather forecast in Naples for November 2022 there will be only 7 rainy days throughout the month.
For this reason, we recommend always having a small umbrella with you.

According to the weather forecast in Naples in November 2022 the climate will be mostly sunny! Also, daylight will last 10 hours per day.


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