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What to do in Naples, 2023


What to do in Naples in May 2023? Here is an exhibition to visit, in the heart of the historic city center.

Exploring Naples in May means having the opportunity to visit the city at one of the best times of the year. Indeed, the weather in Naples in May, mostly sunny but not sultry, allows you to enjoy long walks and trips out of town without the danger of suffering from too high temperatures or rain. Furthermore, Naples in May is not yet invaded by tourists who take the city by storm especially during the summer months and during the Christmas period.

In addition to the monuments, museums, and churches to admire, Naples is a culturally very active city. After the stop due to the pandemic, activities have resumed in full
rhythm and it is possible to participate in events for all tastes almost every day of the year. Among the most attended events by residents and travelers there are without
doubt the exhibits. Among those that have had the most success is the one recently inaugurated in Largo San Martino, “The Lobster Empire” by Philip Colbert.

The lobster empire in Largo San Martino

The Lobster Empire is the exhibition of works by Philip Colbert. The exhibition designed by Catherine Loewe in Largo San Martino offers a series of sculptures by the artist which it will be possible to admire until July 15th. The exhibition was inaugurated on April 21st, gathering various acclaim. In the historic setting

Largo San Martino in Naples set up the exhibition of Colbert who is one of the most innovative artists in the contemporary scene. Many may already know it for his historical paintings characterized by the intrusion of pop elements. In these paintings, his alter ego which resembles a lobster took shape, and from here the emblematic title was given to the current exhibition in Largo San Martino. The collection may be visited from 8.30 am to 7.30 pm.

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