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Which is the most famous sculpture in Naples?


Which is the most famous sculpture in Naples? In the heart of the historic center of the city, it is possible to admire one of the sculptures that have made history.

One of the most famous sculptures in Naples is the Veiled Christ. It is a sculpture created for Prince Raimondo di Sangro whose history is marked by many legendary elements. Here’s what lies behind this sculpture located in one of the most visited historic buildings in Naples, the Sansevero Chapel.

The Story of the Veiled Christ

sansevero chapel veiled christThe story of the Veiled Christ is one of the most fascinating as some legends are mixed with reliable testimonies. It all began when Raimondo di Sangro, who was the seventh prince of Sansevero, commissioned the sculpture of the Veiled Christ to Giuseppe Sanmartino. The statue had to be suitable for the chapel of the di Sangro family, still located today behind Piazza San Domenico, inside Palazzo di Sangro. According to legend, the chapel of Sansevero is located where once there was a divine apparition of the Madonna.

The subject of the Veiled Christ sculpture is the dead Christ. The figure is stretched out, resting on two cushions, entirely covered by a veil. Some details make even more valuable this sculptural work. In fact, at the feet of the dead Christ, there are some elements that symbolize the Passion. It’s about nails, pincers and the crown of thorns. Do not forget the element that made this sculpture famous worldwide: the veil that covers the dead Christ was made perfectly rendering the idea of the adhesion of the cloth to the body.

To admire this sculpture of 1753 you still have to go inside the chapel for which it was made, the Sansevero Chapel in the heart of the city’s historical center. To visit the chapel and the adjoining museum, it is strongly recommended to book the entrance ticket online.

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