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What to eat in Naples in Fall


Spending a weekend in Naples in Fall is the perfect opportunity to taste the best recipes of Neapolitan cuisine.

In Naples, there is a lot of food to taste! Too many recipes to keep in mind for those who spend only a few days in the city. That is why we recommend 3 must-try in Naples in Fall. In addition to a great classic, there are two desserts that cannot be missing from the list of things to eat in Naples.

3 things to eat in Naples in Fall

Here’s what can’t be missing from the list of things to eat in Naples.

  • pizzaPizza
    It is always the right season for a pizza. Neapolitan pizza is the dish that most symbolizes Neapolitan and Italian cuisine in the world. It is difficult to eat a pizza that is not good in the historic center of Naples. Just get lost in the alleys and let yourself be guided by the smell to find the one that best suits your taste. In Naples, there are many ways to make pizza. A good reason to try them all!


  • The baba
    Baba is a Neaolitan dessert that can help warm you up. This is due to the fact that it is a rum-soaked sponge cake. But that’s not enough. The baba can also include the filling. Cream, strawberries, kiwi, Nutella. Everything is perfect to fill this Neapolitan dessert. Among the places to taste babà we recommend Bellavia, Carraturo, or Attanasio, three of the historic pastries in the city center.


  • The graffa
    Even if it never stands out from the other traditional desserts of Neapolitan cuisine, the graffa is a potato dough donut then dipped in sugar that must be tasted. The most famous is the one made by Ciro in Mergellina. It is a chalet in the Mergellina district. Ciro has opened other stores, via Toledo and at the central station, to allow more people to taste his specialty: the graffa.

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