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What to eat in Naples when it’s cold


What to eat in Naples in winter? Here are 3 recipes of traditional Neapolitan cuisine that cannot help but warm you up.

Regardless of the season, eating in Naples will always leave you spoiled for choice. Here are the Neapolitan dishes to be savored especially in winter.

What to eat in winter in Naples

Even if in Naples the climate is almost always pleasant, in the coldest winter evenings it is good to pamper yourself with traditional recipes. Here are 3 recipes to eat in Naples when it’s cold.

  • Pizza fritta, fried pizza
    pizza fritta fried pizzaFried pizza is one of the tastiest versions of Neapolitan pizza. Just like classic pizza, pizza fritta used to be a food for the poorests. It is a recipe that has spread in times of war. It consists of a kind of fried dough stuffed in different ways. The variants include salame and ricotta, mozzarella and nd tomato, vegetables and anchovies. Where to eat fried pizza in Naples? At the pizzeria delle Figliole, at Masardona or at Pellone. All of them are in the central station area.


  • Pasta e patate
    Pasta e patate is a recipe of traditional Neapolitan cuisine to eat in Naples. The traditional recipe involves the use of mixed pasta together with potatoes and provolone cheese. Some also add a few cubes of bacon. Among all the places where it is possible to eat pasta and potatoes in Naples, Nennella in the Quartieri Spagnoli area is an essential place for Neapolitans and travelers.


  • easter pastieraThe Neapolitan pastiera
    Even out of season it is a good time to eat the pastiera cake in Naples. The famous recipe of the wheat pizza filled with dough consisting of ricotta, eggs, sugar, candied fruit, and the orange flavor is prepared in many pastry shops at any time of the year. Even if it is a cake usually made for Easter.

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