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What’s the weather like in Napoli, October 2022


What’s the weather like in October in Naples? What is the weather forecast in Naples for the next few weeks? Here’s how to prepare for Fall in the so-called “land of the sun”.

Exploring Naples in Fall you will see the city at one of the best times of the year. In fact, the autumn weather is cool and rainy days are few. The days are mostly sunny but without the suffocating humidity of the summer months. The weather in Naples in October makes it necessary to dress in layers. These layers must include t-shirts and a raincoat! One good piece of advice is to put in your luggage at least one pair of sneakers. You will walk a lot in Napoli!

Naples in autumn allows you to organize trips out of town. The climate will make visiting the most demanding archaeological sites, such as those of Pompeii and Herculaneum, even more pleasant.

What’s the weather like in Naples in October 2022

napoli climate octoberThe weather forecasts for Naples in October 2022 report an average temperature ranging from 62 F° to 73 F degrees. Even if Fall has begun, in Naples in October the climate is not very rainy. Usually, it rains for up to 8 days during this month. For this reason, it is helpful to have a small umbrella with you but it may not be necessary.

Good news for those who love natural light! In fact, in Naples, the weather forecasts for October report that there will be 11 hours of light per day. In October 2022, the weather forecast in Naples indicates that it will rain from 7th to 9th October and on October 30. On the other days, the weather will be mostly sunny and with warm temperatures. In fact, the annoying humidity that makes the climate problematic, especially in summer gives way to a drier climate.

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