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What to put in your luggage if you’re coming to Naples


To all travelers heading to Naples in November! Packing for a trip to a city as rich in history and charm as Naples requires a certain level of attention, especially considering the weather conditions and the activities you might engage in during your stay. Here is a guide on what to pack to make the most of your trip to Naples in November.

Naples in November: What to put in your luggage

kids naples outdoors1. Layered Clothing
The weather in Naples in November can be variable, with cool days and intermittent rain. Pack lightweight items that can be easily layered, such as sweaters, windbreakers, and scarves. A compact umbrella may come in handy for any rainy spells.

2.  Comfortable and Waterproof Shoes
Since it can rain in November, it’s essential to have comfortable and preferably waterproof shoes. Opt for hiking boots or boots that allow you to explore the city without worrying too much about the terrain conditions.

3. Casual and Elegant Attire
Naples is a city where you can easily switch from casual to elegant. Prepare comfortable clothes for day-time sightseeing and some more elegant outfits for dinners in typical restaurants or a night out.

4. Swimsuit
Even though November is not the typical beach season, you might want to take advantage of a milder day for a stroll along the coast or an afternoon in the nearby beach resorts. So, don’t forget your swimsuit!

5. Personal Hygiene Products
Remember to pack the essentials for personal hygiene, including toothpaste, a toothbrush, shampoo, and cleansers. Carry moisturizers for your face and body, as the cool climate might affect your skin.

6. Electronic Devices
If you love capturing special moments of the trip, don’t forget to bring your camera, smartphone, chargers, and adapters. A power bank might also come in handy to ensure a continuous power supply for your devices.

7. Tourist Guide and Maps
Despite the digital age, having a physical guidebook or a map can be very useful for navigating the city and discovering hidden corners that online guides might miss.

8. Documents and Money
Ensure you have the necessary documents such as passport, credit cards, cash, and flight tickets. Also, remember to pack digital copies of all important documents.

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