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Where is the Key of Today in Naples


There is time until June 30 to admire the giant key that gives the title to Milot’s project for the city of Naples in Piazza Mercato.

Keys of Unity is the project that Milot has thought up for various cities, first of all, Naples, starting on March 30th. There will be time until June 30 to see the huge
key that was temporarily deposited in Piazza Mercato in Naples. The title of this work is “Key of Today” and it is a key that intends to look at the future with positivity and hope.

key piazza mercato chiaveA new key of Naples

Until June 30, locals and travelers have the opportunity to admire a contemporary work of art that will soon be in the most important Italian squares. It deals with the Key by the international artist Milot. The key is currently located in Piazza Mercato in Naples.

The choice of this place, piazza Mercato, is due to the significance that the place has for Naples. Indeed, this historic square has always been the epicenter of events in civics, playing a key role in the history of Naples. This gigantic “Key of Today” sculpture is the symbol of life, of the rebirth of a society open to everything and everyone, to dialogue, to confrontation. This universal message will then be taken to other Italian and European cities.

Other keys from the same project – The Water Key, touring Asia and Oceania, and The Dream Key, touring the Americas – will also appear around the planet.
This message of connection and dialogue is one that Milot hopes to take everywhere.

The key created by Milot is a monumental and impressive structure, made in corten steel. The key of today, “Key of Today”, is ten meters high and wide winds.

To go to Piazza Mercato, it is advisable to take the subway to the Napoli Garibaldi station.

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