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How to visit Palazzo San Giacomo for free


How to visit Palazzo San Giacomo, the headquarters of the municipality of Naples? Here’s how to book a free guided tour.

Through the official website of the municipality of Naples, it is possible to request and book a guided tour of various monuments in the city. Among these, are also the headquarters center of the municipality of Naples, also known as Palazzo San Giacomo.

To book a free guided tour of Palazzo San Giacomo you need to visit the Entrances section of the municipality’s website or consult it through the direct link https://ingressi.comune.napoli.it/. The guided tour, which can also be booked for groups of more than 6 people, is totally free and includes the opportunity to admire many rooms and halls.

Visit the town of Naples for free

To visit Palazzo San Giacomo for free, the headquarters of the municipality of Naples, just book your visit on the official website of the municipality.

By taking part in the guided tour, you are guaranteed the opportunity to hear the history of the building and some curiosities. In addition to the facade, the main entrance, and the courtyard, accessing the Palace you can admire the stairs knowing its history, and the second floor which houses the historic offices of the mayors.
The itinerary includes the historic corridors, the keys to the city, the council room, and the meeting room.

The duration of the visit to Palazzo San Giacomo is approximately 1 hour and a half. As already stated, the visit to the palace is totally free. In addition to being able to book the visit through the municipality’s website, in the case of groups of more than 6 people it is recommended to send an email to assessorato.cultura@comune.napoli.it.

In other cases, the invitation is personal and to be considered valid for 1 or 2 people. At the time of booking confirmation, a code will be sent to you and requested at the entrance. For more information about how to book and visit the municipality of Naples, we recommend calling (+39) 081 7957722.

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