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Accommodations and beaches in Positano


Positano is one of the most famous villages of the Amalfi coast. It is famous all over the world for the beauty of its beaches and its historical center, developed in height. You can take long walks exploring all the tiny streets.

Positano is also known for being the set of the film “Love at first sight”, with Robert Downey jr and Marisa Tomei. The pool and hotel scenes were filmed at the Le Sirenuse hotel. Another film that was also shot in Positano is “Under the Tuscan sun”, with Raul Bova. The beaches and landscapes of the Amalfi coast are precisely those of Positano.



The most beautiful beaches in Positano

In this small village, there are plenty of places where you can enjoy swimming or taking long baths. It is very difficult to choose so BookingNaples has 3 suggestions for you.




The beach of Arienzo can be reached after a walk that comprehends three hundred steps. The route is certainly tiring but does not worry: you can compensate for the tiredness with the striking views. From there you can enjoy unique landscapes and see some luxurious architectures such as the villas that belonged to personalities from the entertainment world such as Franco Zeffirelli.


Marina Grande

The Marina Grande beach is the main in the village. It is the most frequented by the people that live there and tourists and it is the one in which more events are held.

Marina Grande welcomes several establishments and areas where you do not have to pay to go to the beach. Moreover, from there it is possible to get on small boats to reach other more isolated and quiet beaches.



Laurito is one of the most special beaches of Positano because of its smallness and wildness. You can get there via a stairway situated behind the Hotel San Pietro. The name of the beach is due to the laurel plants that surround it. From there you can reach several restaurants on the sea where you can taste the typical cuisine of the area with the most genuine products – if you wish to enjoy this experience, booking is strongly recommended.



List of bed and breakfast in Positano


B&B Villa Verde

Address: Viale Pasitea, 338

Telephone: +39 089 875506

Web-site: www.pensionevillaverde.it


B&B Venus inn

Address: Via Fornillo 9

Telephone: +39 089875966

Web-site: www.venusinnpositano.com


B&B Casa Cuccaro

Address: Via Nocelle, 2

Telephone: +39 089 875458

Web-site: www.casacuccaro.it


B&B Il Pertuso

Address: Via Monsignore Vito Talamo, 45

Telephone: +39 089 811682

Web-site: www.ilpertuso.com


B&B Villa Yiara

Address: Viale Pasitea, 294

Telephone: +39 089 812 2379

Web-site: www.villayiara.it


B&B Villa Mary

Address: Via Liparlati, 53

Telephone: +39 089 875216

Web-site: www.villamary.it


B&B Villa Rosa

Address: Via Cristoforo Colombo, 127

Telephone: +39 089 811955

Web-site: www.villarosapositano.it


B&B Villa della Quercia

Address: Via Nocelle, 5

Telephone: +39 089 812 3497

Web-site: www.villadellaquercia.com


B&B Casa Soriano

Address: Via Pasitea, 212

Telephone: +39 089 875494

Web-site: www.casasoriano.it


B&B La Maliosa

Address: Via Arienzo, 74

Telephone: +39 089 811873

Web-site: www.lamaliosa.it


B&B Casa Guadagno

Address: Via Fornillo, 34/36

Telephone: +39 089.875042

Web-site: www.pensionecasaguadagno.it


B&B Maison Liparlati

Address: Via Liparlati 53

Telephone: +39 089 875216

Web-site: www.liparlati.it


B&B Holiday House Gilda

Address: Via Arienzo, 76

Telephone: +39 089 812 3485

Web-site: www.holidayhousegilda.it


B&B Villa Pina

Address: Via Nocelle, 50/2

Telephone: +39 089 811 430

Web-site: www.villapinapositano.com


B&B Villa Palumbo

Address: Viale Pasitea, 334

Telephone: +39 089 875982

Web-site: www.villapalumbo.it


B&B Casa Nilde

Address: Viale Pasitea, 314

Telephone: +39 089 811489

Web-site: www.bbcasanildepositano.com


B&B Casa Teresa

Address: Via Lepanto, 39

Telephone: +39 089 875.803

Web-site: www.casateresapositano.com


B&B La Dolce Vita

Address: Via Fornillo, 31

Telephone: +39 089 812 3499

Web-site: www.ladolcevitapositano.it


B&B Florida Residence

Address: Viale Pasitea, 171

Telephone: +39 089 875801

Web-site: www.floridaresidence.net


B&B La Mammola

Address: Viale Pasitea, 42

Telephone: +39 089 811 570

Web-site: www.lamammola.com





Hotel Villa Franca

Viale Pasitea 318 Phone number +39 089 875655      Web site www.villafrancahotel.it

Located in the most panoramic part of Positano, this hotel overlooks the bay and the blue sea of the Amalfi coast. Hotel villa Franca offers free shuttle service to the town centre and the beach, a spa, a swimming pool and a fitness centre. Two restaurants cook delicious dishes every day from the best of the Mediterranean gastronomic tradition.


Hotel Le Agavi

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 127 Phone number +39 089 875733      Web site www.leagavi.it

This hotel has marvellous rooms with shades of blue and white recalling the colour of the Amalfi coast’s sea that you can see from the rooms. Hotel Le Agavi provides many services such as a outdoor swimming pool, an access to the Fornillo beach, a water taxi service, a massage centre and a free shuttle service to/from the city centre . It also boasts three bars and three restaurants:.one indoor, one on the poolside and one on the beach.


Le Sirenuse

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 30 Phone number +39 089 875066      Web site www.sirenuse.it

With more than 50 years of history, this hotel is located in the centre of the stunning Positano and overlooks the coast. It boasts a Michelin-starred restaurant where you can taste fresh and local food from the traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Le Sirenuse offers a swimming pool, a Spa and a fitness centre and can also arrange boat rental on request, from May until September.


Covo Dei Saraceni

Via Regina Giovanna, 5 Phone number +39 089 875400      Web site www.covodeisaraceni.it

This hotel has amazing rooms overlooking the sea and furnished in Mediterranean style and with every convenience. It has an outdoor pool and it is famous for its two restaurants and a brasserie where you can taste the real Neapolitan pizza. Located in the centre of Positano, you can easily reach Spiaggia Grande, Spiagia del Fornillo and all the most important places of this amazing city.


Il San Pietro di Positano

Via Laurito, 2 Phone number +39 089 875455      Web site www.ilsanpietro.it

Il San Pietro di Positano is one of the most famous hotel of the Amalfi coast, it boasts many famous guests such as the Rockefellers, Dustin Hoffman and the King of Jordan. In fact, it offers all the facilities for a perfect stay: a Michelin-starred restaurant, a outdoor pool, a Spa, a private beach, a private yacht, a tennis court, a free shuttle bus and two bars. Each room has a private balcony overlooking the marvellous Positano’s sea.


Villa Treville

Via Arienzo, 30 Phone number +39 089 812 2401      Web site www.villatreville.com

Built on a cliffside, this hotel is surrounded by a gorgeous garden and it is the former home of the famous movie director Franco Zeffirelli. Uniquely decorated, en suite rooms are provided with a balcony, a seating area, a free minibar and flat-screen TV and some of them can also boast a private terrace with pool. Villa Treville offers a private beach, a gym, a pool and a massage centre.




Hotel Marincanto

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 50 Phone number +39 089 875130      Web site www.marincanto.it

This hotel is located in the really centre of Positano and offers an outdoor infinity pool, a private access to a beach, a gym and a massage centre. The restaurant dishes typical amalfitan cuisine with a modern twist, while the rooms are decorated with shades of white and blue and offer a spectacular view of the Amalfi coast. At the Maricanto hotel you can enjoy the explosion of colour and the amazing perfume of its famous flowers and plant.


Hotel Poseidon

Via Pasitea, 148 Phone number +39 089 81 11 11      Web site www.hotelposeidonpositano.it

Located in the inner city, this hotel has rooms with Mediterranean interior design and floors tiled in maiolica from Vietri. The Poseidon offers a swimmin pool with a breath-taking view on the coast, a beauty centre with Turkish bath excavated in the rocks, a poolside bar and a restaurant that dishes the best of the Neapolitan cuisine.


Hotel Miramare

Via Trara Genoino, 27 Phone number +39 089 875002      Web site www.miramarepositano.it

With more than 50 years of history, this hotel is well located and you can easily reach the city centre and the beaches. The rooms with a spectacular view are decorated in Positano old style and provide all comfort for an enjoyable stay. The Miramare boasts a charming interior with arches, vaults and small openings.


Hotel Punta Regina

Viale Pasitea, 224 Phone number +39 089 812020      Web site www.puntaregina.com

This hotel has the stunning terrace “Regina” overlooking the blue Positano sea and the famous Li Galli isles. Enjoy the sun at the terrace swimming in the relaxing pool or drinking a cocktail at the bar. The bright rooms come with all comfort and the Punta Regina organizes guided tours in the amazing Amalfi coast.


Hotel Villa Gabrisa

Viale Pasitea, 223 Phone number +39 089 811498      Web site www.villagabrisa.it

This small luxury hotel offers all comfort and relax thanks to a great staff. The rooms are spacious and bright and overlook the marvellous bay from a private balcony or terrace. Villa Gabrisa has a wine bar, a caffè and a restaurant based on recipes of local culinary tradition but it is always ready to satisfy different needs.


Positano Art Hotel Pasitea

Via Pasitea, 207 Phone number +39 089 875500      Web site www.hotelpasitea.it

With the characteristic terraced structure, the hotel Art Pasitea offers a perfect stay for all art lovers. In fact, it has an art gallery with many exhibition of important modern Italian and foreign artists. The rooms overlook the charming Amalfi coast and are all furnished in masonry lava stone. Some Hotel Pasitea’s rooms have also a private jacuzzi.


Hotel Palazzo Murat

Via dei Mulini, 23 Phone number +39 089 875177      Web site www.palazzomurat.it

Created in a building of the XVIII centuries, this hotel is surrounded by a gorgeous botanical garden and it boasts a long hospitality tradition. The rooms are decorated with antique furniture and wooden, terracotta, ceramic and wrought iron details made by local craftsmen. Palazzo Murat has also a restaurant that dishes food of the local cuisine thanks to products that the staff grow.


Buca Di Bacco

Via Rampateglia, 4 Phone number +39 089 875699      Web site www.bucadibacco.it

Buca di Bacco Hotel is located in one of the most characteristic part of Positano: Marina Grande. In fact it also has a stunning view on the Amalfi coast and you can enjoy it from the restaurant that cooks fresh and traditional food and that offers also cooking courses. The rooms are bright and comes with all comfort.


Hotel Ancora

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 36 Phone number +39 089 875318      Web site www.hotelancorapositano.com

Thanks to a strategic position you can easily reach the beaches, the city centre and the nearby villages. With the same owner of the 5 star hotel Covo dei Saraceni, the hotel Ancora’s guests can also benefit of its two restaurant, a brasserie and two bars.


Hotel Eden Roc Suites

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 110 Phone number +39 089 875844      Web site www.edenroc.it

With a stunning view on the marvellous Amalfi coast, Hotel Eden Roc Suites offers a outdoor swimming pool, a gym, a solarium terrace and a spa with Turkish bath and sauna. The rooms are spacious and cared for with the minimalist of detailsSpacious and cared for with the minimalist of details, while the restaurant is known as one of the best in Positano.


Hotel Posa Posa

Viale Pasitea, 165 Phone number +39 089 812 2377     Web site www.hotelposaposa.com

Built on the cliffside, this hotel is located on the Positano’s main street. The rooms are decorated with old-style furniture and classic Vietri hand-painted floor tiles and they all have a breath-taking view on the famous Amalfi coast. Hotel Posa Posa offers a outdoor pool where you can relax and a restaurant where you can taste the Italian traditional food.


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