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Nennella’s in Napoli


Da Nennella restaurant is a piece of history of the city of Naples but also the place where you can taste the dishes of the Neapolitan tradition.

Since at Nennella’s you eat traditional dishes, the restaurant is always crowded with residents and hungry travelers. The regular customers are also joined by other people curious about the show that the Nennella staff puts on during each service.

But why go to Nennella’s? What to eat there? This trattoria located in the heart of the Quartieri spagnoli gives you the opportunity to taste the dishes of Neapolitan cuisine in the most authentic way possible. Furthermore, Nennella is one of the few places in the city that has been able to continue to offer a service accessible to all budgets.

Trattoria Nennella, what to eat

It’s difficult to order a dish you don’t like at the Nennella restaurant. The staff is made up of skilled cooks and a large staff in the dining room who are well aware of the quality of the dishes even if served in a spartan way.

Nennella’s menu is made up of traditional Neapolitan dishes – pasta and potatoes, sausages and friarelli, mozzarella, fried dough… Among the main courses, pasta with potatoes, chicken steak, meatballs, cod and fried anchovies stand out.

Among the most popular characteristics of the Trattoria, there is also the ability to have always maintained popular prices, sometimes guaranteeing the possibility of consuming a complete meal, consisting of several courses, for just a bit more than 10 euros.

The address of Nennella’s restaurant is vico Lungo Teatro Nuovo 103/104/105. The restaurant is open every day for both lunch and dinner. The weekly closing day is Sunday. It is not possible to make reservations. For further information, consult the official website www.trattorianennella.it.

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