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Why you should visit Pozzuoli


Pozzuoli, not far from Naples, is the perfect destination for a day trip out of town. Here are the attractions to see.

There are many Neapolitans who cannot resist the charm of Pozzuoli, a town that can be reached very easily. Taking the Cumana railway line from the Montesanto station, near the historic center of Naples, in about half an hour you will arrive in this place rich in history and scenic beauty. Here’s why to go to Pozzuoli and what to see.

What to see in Pozzuoli, between history and landscape

pozzuoliThe Rione Terra is the oldest village in Pozzuoli. This is the area that was first inhabited. It is 33 meters above sea level and allows you to enjoy some views. According to historians, this was the first port of the Greeks in the Flegrean area. The starting point from which to read the stratifications that other eras have left in Pozzuoli.

In addition to the Rione Terra, in fact, it is a must to visit the cathedral of Pozzuoli. It is a church built on the walls of the Temple of Augustus which dates back to 194 BC. The cathedral built in the Spanish era contains not only the Temple of Augustus but also the Capitolium dedicated to the Capitoline triad. Going to the Rione Terra it is also possible to visit the undergrounds of Pozzuoli, an experience that manages to restore the particularity of this place together with the visit to the Flavian Amphitheater.

Visiting the Flavian Amphitheater, commissioned by Vespasian, it is possible to see the systems of chains and pulleys that led from the basement to the arena as well as the cages of the gladiators’ opponents.

In addition to admiring the historically important attractions of Pozzuoli, a recommended attraction to explore is the Pozzuoli seafront. Even if it is not very long, the Pozzuoli seafront allows you to walk enjoying one of the most beautiful views in the area.

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