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Napoli e-stata-la-mano-di-dio-mann
The Hand of God exhibition

Are you into the famous film The hand of God? Don’t miss the chance to visit this exhibition about this movie. The hand of God is…

Napoli spellbound naples hitchcock dalì
Spellbound in Naples

The exhibition about Salvador Dalì and Alfred Hitchcock in Naples will astonish you! Spellbound: scenografia di un sogno (i.e. scenography of a dream) is the exhibition…

Napoli gallerie d'italia
Gallerie d’Italia in Naples

In Naples, you can visit the Gallerie d’Italia in Via Toledo, a huge museum with artworks from all eras. Here is more info about permanent and…

Don Quixote in Naples

You have time until September to visit the exhibition dedicated to Don Quixote at the Royal Palace of Naples! The Don Quixote tra Naples, Caserta, and…

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